President Biden’s son charged with tax evasion and illegal possession of weapon

But cool down, he won’t go to prison. Hunter Biden pleads guilty and makes a deal with the Justice Department.

Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, has been charged with failure to pay federal income taxes from his oversea contracts and with the illegally possession of a firearm.

The US District Court of Delaware said in a letter that Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to tax offenses and is expected to work out a deal on the weapon charge. 

Biden junior owed more than 200,000 dollars to the IRS for the excess of 1.5 million dollars he earned during the period 2017-2018, for which he was liable to maximum 12 months in prison.

On the weapon charge, he admitted the illegal holding of a Cold Cobra 0.38-caliber revolver during the time he was under medications in October 2018 while mourning the death of his elder brother Beau in 2015. The maximum prison sentence for this charge is 10 years.

Hunter’s lawyers said their client has assumed the responsibility for his mistakes and shall pay the outstanding taxes. An agreement on the weapon charge was in elaboration.

The deal with the Justice Department will keep the younger Biden out of prison and cool down a media storm against the White House, where his dad plans to seek a second term in office.

Hunter Biden is a businessman, attorney, investor, banker, and artist. He had jobs and businesses in Ukraine and China, among others. 

The White House has not commented on the case yet.