[video] Former advisor to Ukrainian president claims Zelensky will be removed within six months

Arestovich believes his country is heading towards collapse if Zelensky remains in power.

A former communication advisor to the Ukrainian president who’s made controversial remarks about the West’s support for his country and attacked European allies now claims that Volodimir Zelensky will be “removed” from office in six months at most.

Ukraine, according to him, will not survive another winter as the Russians will continue bombarding its already destroyed energy system and is heading towards difficult times.

Arestovich’s apocalyptic forecasts – which in the past were mostly accurate – are tied around the acting chief of state, whose mandate expired last May. Zelensky refuses to resign and hold presidential elections during the wartime over fears that Moscow could seize this opportunity in order to destabilize the neighboring country.

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Now a blogger and political analyst on regional security and Ukraine, Arestovich insists that the West would like to replace Zelensky with a “less hawkish” politician who would accept a truce with the Kremlin.

“We are not going to get through the winter period given the current status of our energy sector.

If they [Russians] push a little bit more, it’s the end of road. The country will be frozen and reduced to wilderness,” he said. “If the guys serving in the presidential office assessed the situation… in his [Zelensky’s] place I would stop the war this summer, set out the election date, and I’d resign, leaving the next government to handle the winter.”

Arestovich compared Zelensky to a hero: “Think about it – he entered this war as a hero, hasn’t run away, then he put an end to the war and brought peace” but he fears that the huge losses – human and economic – would land disgrace upon the incumbent president, should he stay any longer.

“He’s done whatever he could,” Arestovich said about his former boss, adding that Ukraine awaits hard times in mobilizing new resources for fighting back Russia.

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Arestovich’s comments in some aspects coincide with Moscow’s narratives about Ukrainian leaders. Russian leader Vladimir Putin had many times stated that his Ukrainian counterpart was “illegitimate” and inflexible. Volodimir Zelensky on his part refuses to sit at a negotiation table with Putin and insists on continuing the war “till victory.”

Olexiy Arestovich served as an intelligence officer for the Defense Ministry (1999-2005, 2018-2019) and as a strategic communication advisor to the Ukrainian presidential office between December 2020 and January 2023. He has been sidelined from Ukrainian politics ever since for “unpatriotic” and critical remarks about Kiyv’s management of the war.

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