What Lahaina looks like after the wildfires on the Maui Island

At least 55 people lost their lives in the Hawaii disaster.

The wildfires that hit the Maui Island in the US state of Hawaii was contained by 80% as of 11 August 2023. At least 55 people lost their lives and around 30,000 residents and tourists have been evacuated from the island. Another 11,000 people remain without electricity, the authorities said. 

The Maui Island areas hit by the wildfires.

The town of Lahaina, a popular destination in the Hawaii archipelago, has been almost heavily damaged by the fires, with its historic center being completely destroyed.

Governor Josh Green described the situation as the worst ever natural disaster in the history of this state. 

"When you witness the extent of the devastation, you will be shocked. It will take many years to restore Lahaina," the governor said.

High temperatures combined with low humidity and strong mountain winds are believed to be the cause of the fires. They were also a consequence of Hurricane Dora, a category 4 storm that was moving hundreds of kilometers to the south across the Pacific Ocean – a reminder of the global climate change.

Below is a selection of pictures of the aftermath of the Maui fires: 

Credit: NPR, AFP, LETA, Reuters, Marco Garcia, Patrick Fallon.