Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of use of the News-Cafe.eu website are implicitly accepted by visitors, with all the consequences resulting from their acceptance.


  1. This agreement is binding and governs the relationships between Rudeana SRL (Rudeana), the company that exclusively owns the News-Cafe.eu website and contributes content to its pages, on the one hand, and the respective website users, on the other hand. The term "user" refers to any individual who accesses the website's content and benefits from the services provided through it.


  1. This agreement is valid for the parties for the entire duration of the use of the content and services provided therein.

Property rights

  1. The content published on the site - freemium or premium articles, images and video or audio recordings created by Rudeana - is protected by Romanian and European Union legislation on copyright and related rights. The content may not be reproduced, copied, multiplied or distributed without Rudeana's written consent.
  2. These rights do not apply to content taken from other sources, which are expressly indicated, named, and hyperlinked. Rudeana is only responsible for its own content and disclaims responsibility for materials signed by authors who are not employees or affiliates of Rudeana.

Usage rights

  1. The user is granted the right to use the original content for their own information purposes and to distribute active links to our pages via social media, email or other means, and to take other actions permitted by applicable copyright and related rights legislation.
  2. Additionally, republication of original content on other media resources (including personal blogs) or corporate or public websites is not permitted without Rudeana's prior written consent. The use of content for profit-making purposes is only allowed with Rudeana's prior written consent.
  3. As an exception, content taken from News-Cafe.eu and republished in other information sources is to be limited to 500 letters, with a mention of our source and the insertion of an active hyperlink to the original page. The use of our website content for any purposes other than those specified above is prohibited.
  4. For collaborations and partnerships, including cases of partial or complete takeover of our content, please contact us by email or phone (+40-785255215).

Conflict resolution

  1. Conflicts related to the use of the content by the user are to be resolved amicably or in accordance with the procedures established by the legislation in effect in Romania and the EU.

Other conditions

  1. The use of the website is at the user's own risk. Rudeana disclaims responsibility for the website's safety or the quality of interaction with users. Rudeana also cannot guarantee that the information here is meant to meet the expectation of any users or protect them against any viruses or malicious programs while accessing the website from their own or an estranged computer.
  2. To access the premium content of the website, a subscription must be completed through the site's online store.
  3. Any complaints or suggestions regarding the content on this wesite are to be sent to Rudeana by email.
  4. Rudeana assumes responsibility for any grammatical, syntactic or lexical errors detected on this website and will take measures to eliminate them as soon as possible.
  5. Rudeana is a non-political publisher and does not accept materials for partisanship purposes.
  6. Materials from other authors are marked with the name of the author or sponsor, and promotional materials contain the "advertisement" tag.
  7. Rudeana does not allow the use of dirty, defamatory, discriminatory, or sexist language or content on News-Cafe.eu.
  8. Rudeana maintains the right to send newsletters with article titles or summaries (newsletter / digest / retrospective) or entire articles to the email provided at the time of registration.
  9. Rudeana maintains the right to modify the terms and conditions of the website's use at any time, as well as the right to modify the structure, design, and mission of this website without notice.

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