Why is registration required?

Readers don't need to have a personal profile (user account) on in order to browse our website. It is required only to obtain access to premium content via subscription, which allows to see all articles behind the paywall in full. To read one specific premium article only, no registration is necessary - readers pay just for that article.

During profile registration users provide a valid email address, which becomes the login username, and the real name/surname or an alias. In their profile they may also insert other information - the phone number and the name of the employer's entity - to help us better understand who visits us and what sort of information readers prefer.

Registration is also a form of communication between the website administrator and users, the latter thus benefiting from several free services – including a newsletter with a digest of headlines.

Users can upgrade to subscriber status from their personal profile at any time.

Preferences and Disclaimer

Check your spam folder if you notice that you don't have any messages from us in your inbox for a week after completing the registration procedure. Make sure our messages don't end up in the spam box.

Why we ask for a phone number?

It is not mandatory to leave your phone number. This would only be necessary if you provide, through imprudence, wrong information (examples:,, which makes it impossible to complete the registration procedure, or when the mailbox is full, or if you experience difficulties with the subscription procedure. In such cases, a Rudeana representative could contact you to remedy the situation.

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