[video] Carmaker Nissan designed self-parking chairs, which are not for sale

It takes a clap of hands to send the intelligent chairs back under the table.

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has surprised innovation enthusiasts with a new invention: autonomous chairs that return to their designated positions with a simple clap of hands. A clever solution to a common problem in meeting rooms and event halls - the chaos of scattered chairs.

The chairs are equipped with a sophisticated system of sensors and cameras (pictured below), and an engine within a circular chassis with wheels at the bottom to move them around, as seen in a video on Nissan’s YouTube channel

The technology behind these self-parking chairs is a blend of sensors and cameras, utilizing Wi-Fi for communication. Four motion-sensitive cameras are installed in the corners of the ceiling, constantly monitoring the positions of the chairs.

These cameras relay information to sensors on each chair, allowing them to calculate a route back to their original locations.

The process is astonishingly simple: a single clap of the hands activates the system. The chairs then move independently, gliding back to the table and aligning themselves neatly in their assigned positions. This not only reduces clutter but also adds an element of fun to the proceedings, providing endless opportunities for playful interactions but also optimizing the space.

If anyone wonders how much one piece would cost, the answer is that those intelligent chairs are not for sale. While companies, event organizers, and ordinary consumers may hope to grab self-parking chairs one day, the technology is actually designed to advertise the autonomous parking features of Nissan vehicles.

The Japanese carmaker wants to capture buyers’ attention to its successes in self-parking technology, which is built within its vehicles. As space is scarce in large cities and there are many inexperienced motorists. Nissan’s innovation is helpful indeed – all one needs to do is get out of the car and clap his/her hands.


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