Navalny found mansion and villa of Putin’s manufacturer of missile engines in Britain and Spain

The family of a Russian war criminal enjoys a peaceful and luxury life in Europe while his missiles continue destroying Ukraine. [video]

Mkrtich Okroyan is a Russian billionaire of Armenian origin. He lives in Russia and runs the company that manufactures engines for cruise missiles, combat aircraft, and other weapon systems for the regime of President Vladimir Putin.

The company’s name is Soyuz and – beware – it’s a not state enterprise but a private entity owned by Okroyan. He controls Soyuz via the Cypriot offshore firm Chanowy Services Limited (36%), his wife (13%), daughter (15%), and other family members. 

Information about Mkrtich Okroyan is scarce on the internet as he has carefully avoided publicity, but the investigative team of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny has unearthed many facts about his occupation and properties. 

Soyuz engines power a wide range of Russian missiles – X-555, Х-101, X-55, Х-35, Х-65, and others. X-555, for example, is a six-meter long, 1.5-ton cruise missile used in the destruction of multi-story residential buildings in Ukrainian cities since February 2022.

A Russian cruise missile X-555 being uploaded onto a bomber. Credit:

Soyuz also provides for missile repair and maintenance services to the Russian army, according to the Navalny investigators. The documents they obtained also show that the company has partnerships with the Tactical Missile Weapons, a state-run corporation, Rostech, a Kremlin-controlled producer of military electronics, and other defense industries. 

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Another company, called BLMZ, produces mechanical parts for Russian war helicopters such as Ka-52 “Alligator” and Mi-28N, which are heavily used in Ukraine.

Soyuz and BLMZ have earned tens of billions of rubles from contracts with the government.

Russian war criminal, Western investor

While being an ally of the Kremlin and a successful businessman in Russia, Mkrtich Okroyan nonetheless seems to be spending his money in Western countries, which Russian propaganda portraits as “enemies.”

The Navalny team has found that the Okroyan family has invested a big deal of money in properties in Western Europe, publishing evidence of his ownership on a mansion and a cottage in the United Kingdom and a villa in Spain.

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The Okroyans bought a three-story Dorchester House (pictured below) in Virginia Water, a beautiful village in Surrey, more than ten years ago. The estate, which neighbors a golf club, costs at least 10 million pounds, said the investigators, who published pictures and the floor plans. They also have a cottage in Witstable, Kent.

The Okroyans prefer spending their vacations in Costa-del-Sol, a small town in southern Spain. There they own a 2,300-square-meter villa (pictured below) built on a 5,600-square-meter plot that edges the Mediterranean Sea’s water line. The estate’s value was estimated at 20 million euros.

In Russia, the businessman owns a seven-story palace near Moscow, covering more than 6,700 square meters. A strange building near that palace – resembling a plant or warehouse – covers another 8,700 square meters. The whole complex insanely spreads out on 2.5 hectares, the investigators said.

Mkrtich Okroyan and his family are under US sanctions. None European Union member country followed the suit. Neither did Great Britain. The Navalny team notified the UK authorities several times about their findings, but London has remained cold until now. Spain too continues to regard the Russian war criminal as a real estate investor.

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The Navalny team is confident that the Okroyans own more properties in the EU and UK and pledged to continue its research.

Mkrtich Okroyan has sued the Navalny team for libel and defamation.

See more pictures of Okroyan properties here


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