Prigozhin: Russian war made Ukraine stronger and famous worldwide

The Wagner warlord says he didn’t find Nazis in Ukraine.

The founder of the Wagner private army, which fights in Ukraine alongside the Russian regular forces, has long been known for bold, unorthodox opinions about the way Moscow handles the war, often contradicting President Vladimir Putin and his generals.

Now Yevgeny Prigozhin says in an interview published this week that “the goals of the special military operations pertaining to the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine have failed flat,” recognizing thus that the Nazi search-and-destroy was a false motive to invade Ukraine.

“What have we done? We came in a boorish way, walked all over the territory in search of the Nazis! While we were looking for [Ukrainian] Nazis, we knocked out everyone we could. We approached Kyiv, shitted on ourselves and retreated. Then we approached Kherson, and again shitted in our pants and moved away. The same for Izyum, Krasny Lyman, and somehow everything doesn’t work out well for us!” Prigozhin complained.

He confesses that the war Russia has been waging against its neighbor for 15 months has led to different results than those the Kremlin had hoped for: Ukraine has earned a worldwide fame while its army has emerged among the strongest on the planet.

Moscow has earned the opposite of what it wanted – Ukraine is as united as ever and is “famous” all over, the chief of the Wagner mercenaries noted.

“The Ukrainian army is highly organized, highly trained, with a high level of intelligence gathering. They have [received] various weapons, and more importantly – they can use any weapon systems, never mind whether it’s Soviet-made or NATO brand, and they are able of handling either of those equally successfully,” Prigozhin said respectfully about the enemy.

The world’s top strongest troops are Wagners anyway, he underlined.

It’s been a habit of Prigozhin for some time to criticize the Russian top military leadership – but never Putin, and specifically Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, for Russia’s poor performance on the battlefields. In the latest interview, he angrily laments Russian officials and elites whose children continued leading a luxury lifestyle at home or in the West, and calls for their mobilization.

“Gather your offspring and get them to the fucking war now,” Prigozhin says while looking into the camera, otherwise “commoners” who die by the thousands will rebel with forks in their hands.

The Wagner leader also admits that Russia is likely to lose the war – and worse – there’s a chance that “we risk screwing up Russia itself."

Yevgheny Prigozhin, once an inmate turned businessman, has been sanctioned by the United States and the European Union for his active role in the Ukraine war.

The full interview is here (RuTube).