[video] Former advisor to Ukrainian president says “Europe is dead”

Olexyi Arestovich described the old continent as “a museum of civilization.”

Once a staunch supporter of Ukraine’s integration within the European Union and close ties with the United States, a former strategic communications advisor to President Volodimir Zelenski has shocked his audiences on social media by saying that lately “Europe does fascinate me anymore.” 

“All I can see now is a Europe that has not passed through the barrier of the year 1945. I wish it used to be as in the 1918s or 1919s, and maybe earlier. That Europe was full of life. The only function is serves now is a museum, and not just a museum - a moribund museum. This civilization no longer exists, and we must finally admit it,” Arestovich, now an influential war and politics blogger said in an interview published in his TikTok account, and republished on Twitter

Europe as such, according to Arestovich, “is dead” and “it only needs time to fall down.” In his opinion, Europe passed away in 1974, during the Israeli-Arab armed conflict, when the Middle East countries raised the price of crude oil 4-fold and both Europe and America started sinking into an oil crisis.

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That crisis could have been avoided with three battalions the Europeans needed to deploy. Last time Europe sparkled, it was during the Falklands War, in 1982, between the United Kingdom and Argentina.

The Europeans are frightened; when they entered Afghanistan and Iraq, they had no idea what they were doing there and terminated those missions in shame and with broken bones, Arestovich continued.

Russia, China, and Israel, among others, followed the suit during those campaigns, he added, without developing the subject.

The video of this interview is also available on YouTube, here

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On 14 January 2023, Arestovich made an erroneous comment that a Russian Kh-22 missile had destroyed a multi-story residential building in Dnipro after being hit by a Ukrainian air defense counterattack. Following the outrage regarding the comment, he apologized and resigned three days later.

He later famously claimed that many Western countries were affraid of Ukraine due to its growth as a regional military power.