[video] Chechen leader demands lifting sanctions imposed on his mother

Kadyrov also claims both [Russian]-Chechen wars, and [Russian] aggression against Georgia and Ukraine are US-masterminded projects.

Ramzan Kadyrov, who rules the Chechen republic with an iron fist since 2007, has complained in a new video on his Telegram channel about a “cynical” decision of the United States to slap his mother with sanctions. 

“I’ve already stopped being surprised by the illogical sanction decisions of the USA and the West. And suddenly, now, my dear Mother is on the lists. The whole world knows that she is involved only in charitable activities. Therefore, the American decision can only be seen as deliberate and cynical disregard for all ethical norms,” he told his followers.

Kadyrov promised retaliatory measures “without boundaries” in return – something he often does on his Telegram channel. 

The Chechen leader, who in the selfie video appears to be at home, has blamed the US for the two devastating wars Russia had waged in Chechnya (1994-1996 and 1999-2000) and for the Russian aggression against Georgia in 2008 and against Ukraine in 2014 and 2022.

“The First and Second Chechen campaigns, Georgia, Ukraine - all these are US projects in the post-Soviet landscape, not to mention other conflicts around the world triggered on fabricated pretexts. And if something like this worked for American criminals somewhere, it won't work with Russia. Let them enjoy their sanctions that are painless for us,” Kadyrov stated.

In a second video of Kadyrov complaining to himself about the sanctions on his mother he appears sleepy or drugged. The video was deleted from his official Telegram account but was shared by Ukrainian outlets on other platforms

“I will not forgive you this!” Kadyrov said.

Aymani Kadyrova, mother of the Chechen leader, is under US sanctions for being a beneficiary of funding from the Russian government. 

Ramzan Kadyrov is under Western sanctions for his support for the Kremlin in the war against Ukraine.