Ukraine unveils roadmap for AI regulation

By 2027, it will be 50% adjusted to the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act.

Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation will enforce a comprehensive regulatory roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI), an official press release states. 

The primary objective of this document, which is available on the ministry's website since 7 October, is to assist local businesses in preparing for the adoption of a deeper legislation akin to the European Union's AI Act while also promoting AI risk awareness among citizens.

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This roadmap adopts a bottom-up approach, emphasizing a gradual progression from fewer regulations to more comprehensive ones.

It aims to empower businesses with the necessary tools to prepare for forthcoming legal requirements before any laws are enacted.

The roadmap outlines a preliminary adjustment period of two to three years, enabling companies to adapt to potential legal changes.

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Oleksandr Bornyakov, explained their strategy: "We intend to cultivate a culture of self-regulation among businesses through various means, including the voluntary adoption of ethical codes of conduct by companies. Additionally, we will provide businesses with a White Paper outlining the approach, timeline, and stages of regulatory implementation."

As per the roadmap, the draft for Ukrainian AI legislation is anticipated in 2024, ensuring it aligns with the EU's AI Act in a 50% proportion by 2027. This synchronization will enable Ukraine's national law to incorporate relevant EU provisions.

The EU passed the AI Act last June. Once enacted, this legislation will prohibit specific AI services and products while imposing restrictions on others. Prohibited technologies include biometric surveillance, social scoring systems, predictive policing, "emotion recognition," and untargeted facial recognition systems.

However, generative AI models, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, will be permitted to operate as long as their AI-generated outputs are appropriately labeled and compliant with law.


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