Italy remained the world’s biggest wine producer in 2022

Countries that speak Romance languages make more than 60% of global wine output.

Since 2014, Italy is the number one wine producer worldwide, accounting for 19.3% of output in 2022, or 49.8 hectoliters an official report says. Almost half of Italian wine was sold outside, which also makes the country the biggest exporter of the beverage by volume.

It was followed by France with 17.65% (45.6 hectoliters) and Spain with 13.82% (35.7 hectoliters) that year, says a recent report by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). 

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While Italy is unchallenged as the biggest wine producer, Spain is the country with the largest vineyard acreage in the world. Due to the fact that vineyards in Spain have lower yields than vineyards in Italy and France, its total wine production is lower.

The global wine production in 2022 stood at more than 258,200 hectoliters.

One hectoliter is equal to 100 liters and is used as a unit of measure for wine, beer, and other agricultural produce.

Other producers

Other top ten producers in a ranking of 54 countries surveyed by the OIV include the United States, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Germany, and Portugal. The U.S., ranked 4th, is the top wine producer in the Americas, beating out other wine-producing countries like Chile (6th) and Argentina (7th).

South Africa, ranked 8th, is one of only four African countries in the OIV dataset.

Meanwhile, China (ranked 12th) is the top wine producer in Asia.

Credit: VisualCapitalist

European countries account for two-thirds of the world’s wine supply, followed by the Americas (20%) and then Oceania (6%). The countries that speak Romance languages make more than 60% of global wine output. 


The OIV report says that climate, terrain, and soil quality in which wine grapes are grown has a major influence on how the wine turns out. Though most of the world’s wine is grown in the Mediterranean region, or in areas with a Mediterranean climate, the areas in which grapes can be grown have expanded greatly.

In 2022, vineyards covered 7.28 million hectares of land worldwide, according to Statista, a portal of world statistical data. 


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