Samsung considers subscription for Galaxy AI

Galaxy S24 users are two years away from being forced to pay for AI features, says Samsung mobile boss.

The head of Samsung's mobile division has clarified that the latest Galaxy S24 AI features will remain free for users until the end of 2025. While the company has not outlined specific plans after that year, T.M. Roh indicated that the company was considering introducing more powerful AI capabilities for users willing to pay a fee.

The details emerged after scrutiny of the fine print on the product page of the flagship Galaxy S24 phones. T.M. Roh confirmed to ET Telecom that Samsung has set the limit for free AI for two years, acknowledging the diverse needs for mobile AI. The company is contemplating offering certain AI features as paid options for users seeking enhanced capabilities. 

Roh highlighted the possibility of providing free AI capabilities for user-generated content with the current offerings, while also catering to those desiring more advanced features through a paid subscription model.

There’s no final decision as yet, it’s all at the level of intention.

While Samsung is yet to finalize its plans beyond 2025, the company aims to extend Galaxy AI to over 100 million devices globally in the coming months, according to the Android community platform

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The rollout will include older Galaxy flagships and upcoming models like the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6, contributing to the ambitious target set by Samsung. The uncertainty about the future of free AI features raises anticipation for updates from the company in the coming year.

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