[video] What is Lumiere, Google’s latest AI video generator

The text-to-video and image-to-video engineering tool makes almost realistic five-second clips.

Google recently unveiled Lumiere, an advanced artificial intelligence video generator described as a "space-time diffusion model for realistic video generation" in its accompanying paper under review.

Despite its technical prowess in creating videos with diverse and coherent motion, as well as more sophisticated tasks, Lumiere is particularly good at producing amusing clips featuring cute animals engaged in improbable activities like surfing, or robots driving a car, or scenes from nature during changing weather, or cosmic events.

Critics speaking for The Verge and ArsTechnica have described it as the “most advanced text-to-animal AI video generator yet demonstrated,” though the prototype produces clips of a relatively low resolution – just 1024×1024 pixels.

According to Google, Lumiere employs a unique architecture called the Space-Time U-Net, enabling it to generate an entire video's temporal duration in a single pass, unlike traditional models that synthesize distant keyframes followed by temporal super-resolution. This innovative approach allows Lumiere to simultaneously handle both spatial and temporal aspects, creating videos seamlessly from start to finish in one continuous process.

The tool showcases various capabilities demonstrated on a demo page, including text-to-video and image-to-video generation, conversion of still images into videos, style-specific video creation using a reference image, text-based prompts, image editing, cinemagraph creation by animating specific image regions, and video inpainting for modifying aspects like clothing styles.

The tool works fine for shorts, teasers, and brief commercials.

It is unclear whether Lumiere is the final version or is going to be upgraded. Google has neither unveiled when Lumiere will be released for the public.

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