Russian Telegram channels report about attacks inside Russia by “Ukrainian saboteurs”

“Military correspondents” point out to pro-Ukraine Russian volunteers raiding in the Belgorod and Kursk regions.

A number of popular Telegram channels run by independent and pro-war Russian bloggers reported on 14 March that several groups of “Ukrainian saboteurs” raided f the Belgorod and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation early on Thursday and engaged in combat with the Russian troops near the border villages of Spodaryushino, Kozinki, Tetkino.

Citing eyewitnesses, local public authorities and military sources, they claimed that the intruders were actually fighters from the Russia Freedom Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, or the Siberian Battalion – all of which are parts of the regular Ukrainian army.

The bloggers, who call themselves “military correspondents” and enjoy a certain degree of credibility, offer different numbers of “saboteurs” – but not less than 30 men – and some claim the attackers were backed by U.S.-made Bradly armored infantry vehicles, [unidentified] tanks, and air forces.

Twelve Ukrainian fighters were killed and two Bradly machines were destroyed, one channel said.

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The Defense Ministry in Moscow has not confirmed these allegations. Yet a day earlier, it said as many as 234 Ukrainian military were killed attempting to cross the border into Russia on 12 and 13 March, without providing evidence.

Ukraine, on the other side, has not commented on these reports. Its army is trying to sense weaknesses in order to break through the formidable land defenses Russia has built on the occupied territories.

The Kursk and Belgorod regions are targets of frequent raids and drone attacks by Ukrainian forces as Russia continues to bomb Ukrainian cities.

Sources: SashaKots, Mash, Shot, Baza, WarGonzo

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