[video] Artificial intelligence proved that Putin didn’t win the 2018 elections

Revizor AI busts the myth of the dictator’s legitimacy as cameras capture massive ballot stuffing.

A team of Russian IT scientists has built a software suite based on neural networks and trained it to analyze video footage from the presidential and parliamentary elections in Russia and count the ballots.

After processing thousands of hours of records taken by governmental cameras in polling stations in 11 Russian regions, the team made a shocking discovery: Vladimir Putin didn’t actually win the 2018 presidential elections and the United Russia party – his main ally – cheated in 2021 in order to grab the control in the State Duma, lower chamber of the Russian parliament.

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Vladimir Putin cannot be considered the legitimate leader or Russia while the United Russia party misrepresents the Russian people, the developers of Revizor AI - the name of the artificial intelligence suite, told Novaya Gazeta, an independent outlet which published an investigation on the subject.

The data provided by Revizor AI shows that the turnout at the ballot boxes was greatly inflated by the authorities and the polling officials tolerated or participated directly in massive ballot stuffing. https://pollwatcher.ai/

The size of conspiracy in which the Central Election Commission, an institution loyal to Putin, and the courts, which are controlled by the Kremlin, covered up and lied to the Russian people and to the rest of the world astonished the designers of Revizor AI.

According to entrepreneur Mikhail Motorin (not his real name), who was the brain behind the project, in the September 2021 parliamentary elections the United Russia party obtained 17 million ballots which were never cast. It grabbed 325 seats out of 450 existing in the Duma as a result of this manipulation, effectively seizing control over the lower chamber of the bicameral Federal Assembly.

But two years after the presidential election, in 2020, Motorin and his team analyzed the voting process at 1,238 polling stations in 29 regions, running vote counting through Revizor AI and comparing the results with the official turnout. They concluded that in 11 regions the scale of discrepancy was so bit that it was literally impossible to establish the real election outcome.

Artificial intelligence confirmed the conclusions of independent observers and statistical analysts that in at least 11 out of 83 federal lands regions the election process had been rigged entirely. The 2018 presidential election had to be invalidated, even under Russian laws, but this didn’t happen and Putin was declared the winner contrary to the documented evidence, a developer of Revizor AI told Novaya Gazeta.

What can Revizor do?

The scientists behind the application note that it has learned to do a variety of things that humans involved in the observation process can do automatically:

  • Detect ballot boxes on video records
  • Detect a ballot box’s outline and its top
  • Identify the type of the ballot box
  • Identify parameters of box location
  • Detect some types of violations
  • Count turnout
  • Count the number of voters who cast their ballots
  • Identify polling stations with falsified turnout
  • Compare the real turnout to the officially published results
  • Draft a formal complaint
  • Speed up manual recount

Motorin and his team have left Russia since they first presented the results of their research at a forum in Europe in October 2022.

At the 2024 presidential, which are held on 15-17 March, all cameras at polling stations have been switched off. The Russian government said it "lacked resources for their operation."

With independent observers missing and the electronic voting system under the Kremlin’s control, Vladimir Putin is confident to keep the power after this immitation of electoral process.

The full story is here.

A sample of Revizor AI working with imagery (YouTube video).

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