Putin secures a new 6-year term amid the worst ever vote manipulation in Russian history

Researchers using the Shpilkin statistical analysis method point to massive ballot stuffing and vote steal from puppet competitors in favor of the Kremlin dictator.

Vladimir Putin turned to fraud again to win the 2024 presidential election in Russia, using ballot stuffing, electronic vote manipulation, and vote steal from the puppet competitors in his favor. This time, he also switched off all cameras inside the ballot stations and kept the independent observers off the country.

The Central Election Commission (CEC), staffed with Putin’s loyalists, announced that the dictator grabbed over 87% of the vote at a 77.4% turnout during the 15-17 March polls, or more than 76.27 million valid ballots. 

According to the Golos (Voice) Movement, a leading Russian association of citizens for independent election observation, at least 22 million ballots in favor of Putin were fakes stuffed by election officials into ballot boxes.

Using the statistical analysis of election method of Sergey Shpilkin, a Russian physicist and electoral statistician, Golos researchers said the regime has also extensively exploited the electronic vote counting system to manipulate the result.

The system is under the full control of the CEC, which would not allow an independent audit of its workings.

As if not enough, it seems that the Putin campaign has stolen votes from his competitors. Analysis published openly on Google Drive reveals that Vladislav Davankov, deputy chair of the State Duma, lower chamber of the Federal Assembly, was the second best performing of the four candidates. In official results, however, he appears the third, after Communist Nikolai Kharitonov, who captured only 4.3% of the vote. 

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The new research corroborates an earlier report that Vladimir Putin did not win the 2018 presidential election and that the State Duma – dominated by the United Russia party – isn’t actually representative of the people.

In the democratic world, the 2024 Russian presidential election is described as “unfair and unfree” with some governments – Germany, for example – going as far as saying that Putin is an illegitimate leader. The sham election was also criticized by Russian opposition figures.

Golos called it the worst electoral farse in Russian history.

After announcing his victory, Putin emphasized the continuation of the war in Ukraine, which now becomes central to his renewed term in office.

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