[video] Jordan critical of Israeli operation in Gaza, but defends its neighbor from Iranian attack

Saudi air force, too, is alleged to have joined Western allies in intercepting Iranian missiles and drones.

Early in the morning of 14 April Iran fired at least 100 ballistic and cruise missiles as well as drones – with some sources claiming there were around 300 pieces – in the first direct attack against Israel after decades of tensions.

Israel activated the Iron Dome air defense system and received support from allies – the U.S., the U.K., and France – whose air forces took part in the interception of Iranian missiles and drones. Only a few hit targets on Israeli soil.

Arab media report that Jordan’s military aircraft, too, joined the western effort and shoot down most of the ammo flying over the kingdom.

An Iranian drone.

Jordan confirmed that it intercepted “flying objects” in its airspace to ensure the safety of its citizens. “Some shrapnel fell in multiple places during that time without causing any significant damage or any injuries to citizens. […] The Jordanian Armed Forces will confront, supported by the security services and competent authorities, everything that endangers citizens, airspace and lands with all available capabilities,” government said.

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At the same time, Jordan hosts a U.S.

military base, which guided the defense effort. Amman has been critical of Tel Aviv’s bombing and ground operation in Gaza Strip, and yet supported Israel during the massive barrage of projectiles.

Another country that might have aided Israel is Saudi Arabia. Some sources allege its air forces participated in the interception of dozens of Iranian drones. This kingdom also hosts a U.S. military base, providing logistics, surveillance and refueling for American aircraft. Riyadh has not confirmed or denied its participation.

The Iranian attack is Tehran’s response to the Israeli bombing of its consulate in Damascus, Syria, on 1 April. Twelve people including Revolutionary Guard officials were killed then.

The Israel Defense Forces said the Iranian night attack comprised some 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles. Both Israel and Jordan have closed their airspace.

A retaliation is expected within weeks as the situation in the Middle East escalates into what looks like the beginning of a bigger regional war.

A one-minute Associated Press YouTube video of the night attack.

Sources: Al Jazeera, AllArab News, ArabNews.com, Deutsche Welle, Times of Israel

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