British manufacturer to open new facility for sustainable aircraft technology

Doncaster city awards new site to Hybrid Air Vehicles for production, testing, and certification of Airlander 10.

A British airship manufacturer, Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd. has reached agreement with the city council of Doncaster for the opening of a facility at Carcroft Common, a 50-hectare site in the South Yorkshire Investment Zone, for production, testing, and certification operations.

Airlander 10 interior design for the passenger version. 

There, by 2030, the company plans to build Airlander 10 airships that operate from any flat surface including water and typically use up to 25% the combustion engines burning jet fuel produces up to 90% fewer CO2 emissions.

Flying at a speed between typical aircraft and surface transport, Airlander 10 is currently one of the largest and efficient aircraft in the world. It can carry 100 passengers or ten tons of payload, enduring five days of airborne.

The company will create more than 1,200 jobs while the city will contribute £7 million in investment.

Can be used for mobility, shipping, logistics, communications, and surveillance.

Hybrid Air Vehicles is committed to manufacture 24 helium-filled pieces annually, which would translate into £1 million in sales. The company is open for investment. 

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