New study claims pig blood compound sets rats’ biological clock to move backwards

Do you remember the story about the Hungarian countess who bathed in blood of young servants?

A team of researchers from the United States, India, Croatia, and Argentina has discovered that a blood compound from young pigs, called E5, reversed the age of old rats by 67.4% on average.

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A press release issued by Yuvan Research, a private biotech firm in California that led the research, says the process took just a few days and represented the culmination of five years of work.

If the results translate similarly to humans, it could equate to an 80-year-old reverting to the age of 26.

The therapeutic E5 consists of nanoparticles of complex structure, including exosomes, from young plasma sourced from young pigs.

Steve Horvath, formerly a professor of genetics and biostatistics at University of California LA, played an instrumental role in this study with his invention of epigenetic clocks, which determine biological age using DNA samples.

While some readers may treat this news with suspicion, the research findings have been peer-reviewed and published in the journal GeroScience.

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