Czech police officially confirm: Russian intelligence was behind Vrbětice explosion

Moscow ordered terror acts in NATO countries to prevent weapons deliveries to Georgia and Ukraine.

Czech police officially confirmed in late April what journalist investigators have known for a long time: the explosion that destroyed a weapons warehouse near Vrbětice, in south-eastern Czechia, was an act of a special operation of Russian intelligence forces. 

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A unit coded 29155 of the military intelligence division GRU carried out the attack in October 2014, employing undercover spies who blew up several weapons warehouses in Bulgaria in 2011 and 2012. 

The purpose of those terror attacks was to prevent the shipping of weapons and ammunition to Georgia (Bulgaria, 2011-12), which sped up its rearming process after the 2008 war with Russia, and to Ukraine (Czechia, 2014), which needed Soviet-era ammunition to fight Russia in Donbas.

Several operatives who planted and detonated the explosives were GRU officers who tried to poison a Bulgarian arms dealer Yemelian Gebrev and the Russian dissident in the UK Sergey Skripal. The same unit successfully poisoned Alexander Litvinenko, a former FSB officer, with radioactive materials in London.

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Russia denies any involvement in the Bulgarian and Czech explosions but refuses to cooperate with the investigators.

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