American designer proposes turbines for harvesting wind energy in cities

His modular power generating system is intended for use in locations like airports, commercial buildings and roadsides.

Joe Doucet, a New York-based designer, has developed wind turbines that act both as a modular power generation system and as a visual appeal enhancing architecture. His system, called Airiva, is conceived to harvest wind energy in urban areas.

The Airiva turbines are two-meter tall vertical blades with a sculptural helix shape, unlike the propeller style wind mills commonly seen across rural landscapes.

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When wind blows, these blades spin to create a mesmerizing flowing movement.

The designer suggests installing his turbines near airports and commercial or industrial buildings, in campuses and on roadsides.

Airiva is a form of distributed energy production for use at residences, shops, or offices that in the surrounding zone. It is adaptable to the environment and scalable, as the blades come enclosed in square "wall segments" that can be joined together to make a unit of endless length.

The current version of the design is the result of two years of engineering, development and testing based on a previous project called Wind Turbine Wall, the key change being the shape and size of the helical-shaped blades.

A wall segment of four turbines can provide 1,100 kilowatt-hours in annual energy production, which isn’t enough to power an average home in the U.S., which would require ten segments or 40 turbines.

The Airiva segments are made of aluminium with injection moulded plastic for the blades.

The company will conduct customer pilots in the second half of 2024 and plans to take the first orders in 2025.

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