[video] Artificial intelligence created a short film about human stupidity

The film project shows a bleak outlook for the future of humans, with robots in the director's chair and holograms instead of actors.

Artificial intelligence is already ubiquitous in people's lives, bringing dramatic changes to virtually all sectors of the economy, and cinema is no exception.

A science communicator from Yemen, Hashem Al-Ghaili, known on social media for his videos and news about technology and scientific breakthroughs, has published a short fiction film created entirely by artificial intelligence. 

Al-Ghaili made use of the Brightpen.ai platform, which, based on his specifications, wrote the script, justified the artistic concept, generated the voices, suggested special effects and "participated in the decision-making process", according to the author of this project. 

Only the background soundtrack belongs to a living person – Thiago Nugent.

The subject of the 10-minute film is centered around the appearance of gigantic alien spaceships in Earth's orbit and the decisions that world leaders and governments have to make in a very short time. The film has no actors, but uses Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping as protagonists.

Artificial intelligence also inserted scenes with humor – with Donald Trump – but the ending is still tragic.

The author of the project does not specify what the film's budget was, but we learn from Brightpen.ai that a subscriptions for the tools offered by the platform vary between $10 and 40% monthly.

The short film entitled "Last Stand" can be viewed for free on YouTube and other media sources.