[video] UK to deploy laser cannon for Royal Navy by 2027

Defence minister suggests Ukraine could use new British weapon to take down Russian drones.

The signature of a new defense pact between the United Kingdom and Ukraine last month commits the British government to offer more military and security capabilities to its eastern partner and one possibility is the delivery of a new laser cannon which the Royal Navy is due to receive by 2027. 

Speaking to media, UK Defence Minister Grant Shapps suggested that the weapon – coded DragonFire – could be rushed onto the frontline in Ukraine to take down Russian drones and missiles. 

Laser-directed energy weapons (LDEWs) use an intense light beam to cut through their target and can strike at the speed of light, the British official emphasized.

Initially expected to be deployed in 2032, the weapon will become operational in maximum three years following new procurement reforms to speed up the project.

No details about the DragonFire have been released. Nor it is clear how Ukraine would receive a weapon that should be classified.

LDEWs aren’t actually new weapons. The United States, China, and even Russia have tested such weapons during the past years. Except for the US, which has plans for deployment of a laser cannon within several years, all other countries are still in the experimental phase.

A video featuring the DragonFire has been uploaded on YouTube courtesy to the Independent.

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