Trump wants to change America dramatically during his second term. To worst.

The fascist blueprint of the Republican candidate is a tsar bomb under the United States and the free world.

Donald Trump, recently indicted for felony and other crimes, wants to install an extremist-friendly administration and kill the freedoms Americans have fought for during the past 300 years. If elected, he would divide the United States to the point of a new civil war, forcing Americans to fight again against despotism.

Proof of this is a document called Project 2025, “Mandate for Leadership,” a plan for Trump’s second term that would transform the United States into a far-right, Christian nationalist, militarized police state, promoted by a person who got cheating on his wife with a porn star and personally plannied a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

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The nearly 1,000-page document, available for free download at this link, calls for a mass massacre of the freedoms and rights of ordinary Americans, and a major overhaul of the government structure and composition. In fact, it is a manifesto about how to transform the U.S. into a fascist nation.

You can also read the plan at

Key elements of Project 2025:

  • Mass Firing Purge: Central to the plan is a large-scale firing initiative that Trump had intended to implement before the 2020 election. This would involve the dismissal of over 50,000 federal civilian workers, including scientists, doctors, and accountants, to be replaced with loyalists who support Trump's visions. This move aims to bypass Congressional involvement and drastically alter the function of federal agencies.


  • Far-Right Christian Nationalist Agenda: Project 2025 promotes a conservative, Christian nationalist ideology. It proposes outlawing pornography and criminalizing its production and distribution. The plan’s broad definition of pornography includes content that acknowledges LGBTQ existence. The agenda also aims to prioritize traditional family structures, discriminating against single parents, unmarried individuals, and those who have had abortions.
  • Militarized Police State: The plan advocates for a police state where law enforcement agencies answer directly to the president. This includes overriding local authorities, stripping the FBI of its independence, and reducing the ranks of military generals not appointed by Trump. A key feature is a proposed mass deportation operation involving the military, targeting millions of immigrants.
  • Labor and Economic Policies: Project 2025 seeks to alter labor rules, reducing protections for low-income and middle-class workers, and eliminating overtime pay. Simultaneously, it proposes tax reductions for the wealthy and corporations, neglecting the rights and interests of laborers.
  • If implemented, Project 2025 would significantly undermine democratic institutions and norms, concentrating power in the executive branch and reducing checks and balances.

    The plan's discriminatory policies against marginalized groups, including LGBTQ individuals and single parents, could deepen social divisions and lead to widespread civil unrest.

    By militarizing immigration control and creating a police state, the plan could erode civil liberties and foster an environment of fear and repression.

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    The proposed economic policies would likely exacerbate income inequality, benefiting the wealthy while placing additional burdens on low-income and middle-class workers.

    The implementation of such a radical agenda could destabilize not only the United States but also its relationships with other democratic nations, potentially leading to broader geopolitical tensions.

    The agenda is funded by the billionaire boys club Heritage Foundation through the GOP and veiled support from six members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Following is a summary of what looks like a true coup d’etat from, in printscreens.

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