Could NATO send troops to Ukraine? Yes, under two conditions

An Italian newspaper asked alliance officials which are the “red lines” for direct intervention.

The North-Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is considering deploying 100,000 troops to Ukraine for the participation in the conflict with Russia, a hypothetical possibility that can happen if at least two so-called “red lines” are breached.

La Repubblica, a mainstream Italian newspaper, quotes NATO officials as saying under the clause of confidentiality that the alliance doesn’t have any operational plans for direct intervention in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

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However, under emergency circumstances, it could send a sizeable manpower to deter Russian aggression, something French President Emmanuel Macron spoke about last month.

One scenario is a Russian attack on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, from Belarus, with the direct or indirect involvement of Alexander Lukashenko’s army in the war. The second red line is about Russian military provocations against the Baltic countries or an invasion of Moldova.

La Repubblica sources believe that while the West is distracted by internal problems (such as elections) or external factors (such as Israel), Moscow will attempt to destabilize these countries, therefore a new deterrence strategy is necessary.

The capture of Kyiv or the fall of Moldova are unacceptable for the allies, not to mention the aggression against the Baltics, which are NATO members.

Ukraine has not asked until now NATO to send troops, but insists on timely delivery of weapons and defense equipment.

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President Macron is the first Western leader to admit that NATO soldiers could take part in the Russo-Ukrainian war. He hosted this week a working visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping who is in Paris for talks on European security.

Russia is currently holding military drills to mimic the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The Kremlin warned of “enormous danger” should NATO deploy its soldiers to help the Ukrainians.

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